Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that aren't answered below, be sure to contact us.

Can I visit your showroom?

Yes, Mon-Fri 09:00-14:00. Preferably call first to ensure we have a Crossover set up for display.

What is the warranty on your offroad campers?

We offer a two (2) year warranty, full parts & labour.

How long does it take to setup a Vista Crossover?

It takes less than 15 seconds to be in the camper and out of the rain. The sail awning takes less than 5 minutes and the shower pod less than 1 minute.

Is the camper easy for an older person to setup and manage?

All models are very easy for all ages.

Can the camper go offroad anywhere my 4WD can go?

If your tow vehicle can go there then the Crossover will follow.

What type of suspension does a Vista Crossover have?

We have true off road, asymmetric, military style (MS) suspension employing King springs and Koni shock absorbers. Read more about the design here.

Can I rotate and interchange my car tyres with the Crossover?

A standard Crossover is built with 16x8 wheels, BFG ATK02 265x75/R16 tyres and a -13mm offset. The hubs are available in either 5 or 6 stud configurations. It can be an option to match the offset and the wheel size to the tow vehicle with a custom-built undercarriage.

Is the Vista Crossover dustproof and waterproof?

We cannot claim 100% but we will claim 98%. You will take more dust inside on your shoes than will ingress through travel.

What type of wear and tear can I expect?

Sensible off-road driving will see your Vista last for years & years. Our 2006 model is still in service and has travelled over 180,000 kilometres Regular service should be targeted between 10,000 & 15,000 kilometres.

What type of vehicle is needed to tow a Vista Crossover?

The ATM of our Crossover range is 1900 kilograms. Your tow vehicle must be rated to tow a minimum of 2 tonne and be able to support the tow ball weight in its payload.

Which optional extras do most people get with their camper?

The diesel heater is very popular as the Crossover can be used all year round.

Storage pockets, door pantry, draft skirt and fly screen are also very popular choices.

The most popular is the upgrade to Lithium batteries.

How long can I stay off-grid?

With two (2) full tanks of water (87 litres each, 174 litres total), with sun shining and Lithium batteries …… then quite a while.

Lithium batteries will provide far more useable power than AGM batteries and will recharge very quickly

The only major time limiting factor will be food and water.

Is 240VAC mains power available in the camper?

Yes, the 240VAC inlet is at the rear driver’s side corner. There are 240VAC outlets on the rear passenger side and on the bench of the internal kitchenette.

We can also install an inverter to provide 240VAC from your onboard batteries (Lithium recommended).

What size bed do your campers have?

All models have a queen size mattress.

Can you cater for my CPAP machine?

Yes, we can install 12VDC/USB outlets each side of the bedhead so that CPAP machines, mobile phones, tablets and other smart devices can be operated.

Does the camper have a covered outdoor area?

The slide out kitchen is protected by the sail awning which only takes minutes to set up.

The sail awning has front and rear walls attached by a zipper.

How many people does a Vista Crossover sleep?

The design is for two (2) adults on a queen size mattress.

The ensuite pod can be used for sleeping with a swag.

There is an optional annexe that will cater for many more camp beds.

Can I fit an air conditioner to the Vista?

We do not recommend the installation of an air conditioner. There is ample, flow through ventilation provided by the two (2) Sirocco fans. An air conditioner, or any other bulky external installation, will affect the off-road clearance and performance of the van.

What size is the solar panel and the capacity of the electrical installation?

We install the Redarc Manager 30 system with the Redarc TVMS controller. The system will deliver 30 amps from the mains and 30 amps from the DC-DC connection to the tow vehicle.

The rear solar panel is rated at 160 watts but the Redarc system will accept 520 watts of solar energy via the external Anderson plug.

Do you use any Bluetooth devices?

Yes, the Redarc TVMS can be controlled via Bluetooth to your mobile phone. We also use Bluetooth for the Battery Management System contained in the Lithium batteries.

Your own Bluetooth devices can be plugged in and charged by various power outlets in the Vista.

How soon can I have my off-road camper?

Every Crossover is built to order and will normally take 3 months. During show season and heavy order periods it can take up to 5 months.

Can you make custom changes to the camper design?

As we are the manufacturer, our design features can be influenced by our customers. We have made a lot of improvement based on feedback from the Vista RV Owners forum.

We will cater to individual requests wherever practically possible.

Do I need to get my camper serviced?

The first service should be between 800-1000 kilometres. Brakes and bearings are checked along with a general undercarriage inspection of all components including bushes, handbrake, locks and latches. The regular service schedule should be performed between 10,000 & 15,000 kilometres.

Where can I view your campers?

Our manufacturing and production facility is at 23 Jersey Road, Bayswater, VIC. Preferably call first to ensure we have a demo Crossover set up for display.

Do you have finance options available?

We do not get involved with finance options.

What is the minimum deposit I need to place an order?

We require a deposit of $5,000 to place your order on the production line with the balance payable on pick up.

How do I register the trailer?

Your new Vista RV is handed over with prepaid registration for 12 months.

What is your refund policy?

If an order is cancelled due to ill health or a family emergency, we will assign your build to the next suitable customer. When the next customer pays their deposit we will refund your deposit.

We do not offer refunds for a simple change of mind.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We do not accept credit card payments. We do accept payments via EFT or bank cheque.